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Our Programs

When we open, we will collaborate with our families about the programs we will develop together, such as how we will use our S.T.E.A.M. lab, (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Art Lab, and other areas of the school!

We will have rigorous curriculum and personalize the learning. Students will learn how to monitor the skills they have learned and what they are going to learn next. We will involve parents as partners in this process. Teachers will be facilitators of learning by providing small group instruction tailored to individual student needs. They will also provide whole group instruction and a variety of groupings based on skills/standards students need to learn.

Our schedule will have built-in enrichment and intervention blocks of time for each grade. This will allow learners to have a voice and choice in researching areas of interest. We call it Passion Project or Genius Hour time (Pink, 2006). 

Our Environment

In order to teach students how to understand themselves as learners, we will have flexible seating options and areas for students to spread out to do their lessons both in the classroom and outside of the classroom in a commons area. Outside of each grade level pod, we have cubby areas and desks for quiet work spots, and also open areas with desks, couches, and flexible seating options for students to work individually and with others. 

Our school layout is based on a collaborative style of teaching and learning for teachers and students. You can see design concepts here.