School Hours

Doors open at 7:15.

The school day starts at 7:45.

The students will be offered breakfast at 7:30 in the cafeteria.

Students will be considered tardy if they arrive after 7:45. An adult will need to sign them in at the office.

The school day ends 3:10.

Lunch Schedule

Kinder 12:05-12:35
Pre-K 10:20-10:50
1st Grade 11:15-11:45
2nd Grade 10:35-11:05
3rd Grade 10:55-11:25
4th Grade 11:50-12:20
5th Grade 11:30-12:00

CBI 11:30-12:00


Attendance at school is important for successful academic progress. Regular attendance is also required by Arkansas State Law 6-18-221. It is important for students to be at school each day and on time.

Under the new Every Student Succeeds Act attendance will play an integral part of each student’s educational performance. The new law defines absenteeism in 3 risk categories:

  • Low Risk- a student that misses less than 5% of days enrolled. Each school year is 178 days which translates to 0-9 days a year total.

  • Moderate Risk is a student that misses 5% to 10% of the days enrolled. That translates to 10-18 days absent per year.

  • High risk or chronic is a student that misses more than 10% of the days enrolled. That translates to more that 18 days per year absent.

Our goal here at Jim D. Rollins School of Innovation Elementary is to have all students remain in the low risk category. We do understand that children get sick periodically. Please provide a doctor’s note any time your student is absent.

Tardies, early checkouts, transportation changes, and reporting student absences.

  1. Tardies

    1. Anytime your child arrives to school after 7:45 am they are considered tardy.

    2. Excessive tardies may be sent to the Juvenile court as educational neglect.

  2. Early checkouts

    1. No student will be allowed to check out of school after 2:30 pm. The only exceptions to this will be those student who have regular pre-set appointments. If your student will be checking out on a regular basis please meet with the office staff to set up your check out time.

  3. Transportation Changes

    1. No transportation changes will be allowed after 2:30 pm. Please make sure you have contacted the office to make your change before 2:30 pm.

    2. Transportation changes must be made through the office. If a substitute is in a classroom, information sent to the teacher may not make it to your student.

  4. Reporting student absences

    1. ALL absences must be reported to the school office. You may call to report your child’s absence. Please send all doctor notes to the school.

Check Out/ In Procedures

Students arriving late or leaving early must check in/out through school personnel located in the front office. Parents picking up their child during the school day are required to come into the front office to sign the student out and must show photo identification. Parents are discouraged from checking students out of school for non-medical reasons. (i.e. lunches, haircuts, etc…) Students will not be allowed to check out from school with ANY PERSON that is not listed on their EMERGENCY/PROFILE CARD. Any student arriving at school later than 7:45 a.m. must be checked in by a parent or legal guardian in the front office. Check-outs during school hours will require a photo I.D.