Our Culture


Create a community of interdependent learners where all feel safe, important, valued, and loved.


I have not learned this yet, but I will learn this! "I can do hard things."

The Learning Challenge

Real learning comes from being brave enough to challenge ourselves and “go into the learning pit” (Nottingham, 2003). We do not give up when we face challenges! We keep working through the challenge!

Student Agency

Foster self-awareness, confidence, and interpersonal skills

Personalization of Learning

Provide learning experiences that are flexible, purposeful, and student-centered

Student Choice

Provide learners choice in all aspects of learning

“All Means All” “Learning for All” 
-Dr. Jim D. Rollins
A photo of the Rollins logo

At Jim D. Rollins Elementary, we will follow in Dr. Rollins’ footsteps and be innovators and creators of learning. Students will understand how they learn best, and they will have the opportunity to apply their learning through many avenues. Students will create, wonder, discover, and follow their passions and interests as they learn. We will personalize learning so everyone in our learning community engages in the learning process and understands how challenge builds brain power. Learners will understand success comes from believing in themselves and their potential.

Our foundation will be built on trust, a growth-mindset, understanding the learning challenge, personalization of learning, and student choice and voice.

Meet Doc! Dr. Rollins’ horse, Doc, was the inspiration for our mascot. Doc loves to gallop and “blaze a trail in innovative teaching and learning practices!


We will develop relationships with students and their families so the environment is safe and welcoming. We will build an academic foundation through the concepts of building knowledge, making meaning of that learning, and students applying understanding in ways they choose. We will teach children about "the learning challenge or learning pit (Nottingham, 2003)." It means that when we challenge ourselves to learn new things, it is okay if it is hard. We make mistakes because that is how we learn.